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Empowering every student to make a positive impact on tomorrow’s community


Every student is empowered and prepared to make meaningful contributions to the community through:
• Equitable opportunities for ALL students
• An environment that is culturally responsive and celebrates diversity
• A focus on future-ready learning skills and high expectations
• Authentic learning experiences and innovative resources designed to inspire and develop students’ passions
• An enriching, creative, and collaborative environment

Core Values

We embrace the following Core Values as we work to achieve our Mission, Vision, and Goals:
• High Expectations
• Diversity and Inclusivity
• Continuous Improvement and Data Informed Decisions
• Future-Ready Learning
• Student Engagement through Agency
• Collaboration
• Partnerships
• Shared Leadership Accountability

Portrait of a Graduate

These are the values and characteristics we wish to see demonstrated by our students when our vision is fully achieved:
• Critical Thinkers
• Problem Solvers
• Collaborators
• Effective Communicators
• Empathetic
• Responsible Global Citizens
• Self-Advocates
• Resilient
• Curious Life-long Learners

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