• Strategic planning is a disciplined effort to produce and organize information that will guide fundamental decisions and actions by the Board of Education, administration, and staff.  If everyone knows, understands and believes in the importance of what the District envisions its purpose to be, and the methods to reach and maintain that, success will prevail.  As a result of strategic planning, everyone understands what the District deems important and the direction in which it is moving.

    In the Spring of 2015, District 31 implemented a strategic planning process which included 27 stakeholders who engaged in a comprehensive study of the District’s strengths and areas needing improvement.  Under the leadership of Superintendent Dr. Alexandra Nicholson and Director of Curriculum & Instruction Dr. Carrie De La Cruz, they successfully completed 15 comprehensive steps that progressively led to the development of the District's mission, vision, core values / beliefs, five major goal areas, and twelve corresponding strategies which guide the District's improvement process. 

    A multi-year strategic plan requires careful progressive planning. To achieve the goals, each strategy requires an action plan, some of which can be completed in one year while others require several years to accomplish. Information on progress being made is provided on this website.  

    Information provided includes the following:

    • seven-year Strategic Plan
    • seven-year Strategic Plan Calendar
    • June 2016 Progress Report
    • June 2017 Progress Report
    • Implementation Scorecard
    • Outcomes Scorecard

    Scorecards are a user friendly way to report progress.  The Implementation Scorecard provides action plans for each year of the Strategic Plan and a color coded status rating for each.  The Outcomes Scorecard provides District assessment data and links to documents and sites that provide more detailed information for each school, student subgroups, etc.

    For questions regarding the Strategic Plan, please contact Dr. Alexandra Nicholson, Superintendent of Schools, at anicholson@district31.net.