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  • Welcome to Northfield School District 31’s Winkelman Elementary School where we inspire minds and build futures - together! Though a small district located in suburban communities Glenview and Northbrook, the population attending School District 31 is incredibly diverse. As such, the District values equitable learning opportunities for all students.

    Winkelman Elementary School serves students K through 5th grade. District boundaries include portions of Glenview and Northbrook as well as some areas of unincorporated Cook County. Field supports our learning environment by continuously improving curriculum, instruction, technology, social and emotional supports, and opportunities for all students to learn and succeed at high levels.

    Mission: Empowering every student to make a positive impact on tomorrow’s community

    Welcome Message from Principal Shaton Wolverton


    Winkelman Elementary School
    1919 Landwehr Road
    Glenview, IL 60026


    The District houses approximately 870 children who speak over 25 languages, and a talented, diverse staff to support our mission of inclusiveness. Class sizes range between 15 and 22. The school day, schedule, teaching practices and educational setting at both Winkelman and Field Schools are tailored to best provide a developmentally appropriate, yet rigorous learning environment.

    Our dedicated and professional teachers and support staff place a strong emphasis on meeting the unique needs of every learner. Programs are available to provide extra challenge and enrichment as well as additional support. Hands-on learning and stimulating educational experiences provide students with varied opportunities to interact with the material in meaningful ways. Technology is used as a tool to support instruction and further enhance the learning experience. iPads are provided to every student in grades K – 2nd and Chromebooks are provided to every student in grades 3rd through 8th. Social and emotional learning is also emphasized. Click here for an updated District map in pdf format (July 2012).

    Community Involvement
    Our high level of parent support and involvement including the SD31 PTO and SD31 Education Foundation contributes significantly to the success of our District, as does our solid financial standing. The District spends approximately $20k per student to provide exemplary education. A recipient of Financial Recognition status from the Illinois State Board of Education for the past several years, the District's financial health is strong.

    Ongoing Education
    District 31 graduates who continue in public school attend either Glenbrook South High School or Glenbrook North High School depending on their district.

    Communication is one of District 31's most important priorities. One of the ways District 31 provides timely news and updates is through our weekly messages from the Superintendent  during the school year. District 31 parents receive an automatic subscription to Enews. All email addresses provided at the time of registration are included on our electronic mailing list. The District also sends out a bi-annual newsletter to the community. View the latest newsletter below:

    West Northfield School was originally K-8 and was located at 3030 Sanders where Allstate is located now. 

    In 1965, the West Northfield School District Board named the district's second school, Field Middle School (6-8), after Stanley Field, nephew of Marshall Field, a civic leader, and former executive of Marshall Field and Company. The Board President at the time of naming explained, “When our students make trips to the museum, they enter through Stanley Field Hall, and they can be proud that the school they attend is also named after him.” Stanley Field was also instrumental in establishing the Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium and Grant Park. Other than the board describing Stanley as a civic leader, there was no particular reason given as to why it was named after him as he wasn’t from the area and he did not donate money.  The board of education at the time considered four other names when building Field in the 60’s: John F. Kennedy School, Techland School, Nor-Tech School, and West Northfield East School.  The elementary building on Sanders retained the name of West Northfield School (K-5).  The original Field structure housed an “all purpose room, an office suite, a teacher’s lounge, nurse’s quarters and six classrooms.” There have been several additions including the auditorium and art wing in the 1990s. A photo of Stan remains in the Superintendent Office of Dr. Erin Murphy.

    Henry Winkelman Elementary School was built in 1980, and an addition was done in 2002 and then again in 2018. Winkelman School was named after Henry Winkelman, the original janitor.  He was a kind, caring, and helpful person. After he passed away, there was a contest to name the school and his name was the winner because he was so beloved.

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  • Winkelman Elementary School
    Shaton Wolverton 
    Winkelman Principal

    Nino Alvarez
    Winkelman Assistant Principal

    Kathy Bergen
    Winkelman Administative Assistant

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    Winkelman School Clerk