Welcome To Room 23

  • Welcome! Take a peek around and check out what we are up to in 2nd grade.
    Mrs. Keller

What We Are Learning

  • Here is What Room 2K is Working on:
    Math: We are exploring Addition and Subtraction within 20. 
    Lead 21: Unit 1 is all about My Roles
    • Theme Question: What do my different roles say about me?
    • Focus Question Week 1: What is my role at home?
    • Focus Question Week 2: What is my role at school? 
    • Focus Question Week 3: What is my role in my community?
    • Focus Question Week 4: What roles might I fill in the future?
    Science: We are starting to explore properties of matter
    Writing: We are working on personal narratives and using our Step-up to Writing planners to organize our thoughts. Our class is working on elaborating their ideas to stretch their ideas and bring their writing to life. 

Classroom News