• The Board of Education shall conduct regular meetings on a Tuesday or a Thursday of every month unless otherwise noted beginning at 7:00 p.m. and held in the Learning Center of Field School, 2055 Landwehr Road, Northbrook.

    2021 - 2022 Regular Board of Education Meeting Schedule (Printer Friendly Schedule)
    7:00 PM, Thursday, July 15, 2021
    7:00 PM, Thursday, August 26, 2021 
    Need at least 30 days between the August and September BOE meetings for budget
    7:00 PM, Thursday, September 30, 2021
    7:00 PM, Thursday, October 28, 2021
    7:00 PM, Wednesday, November 17, 2021
    Need at least 20 days between the November and December BOE meetings for levy
    7:00 PM, Thursday, December 16, 2021
    7:00 PM, Thursday, January 20, 2022
    7:00 PM, Thursday, February 24, 2022    
    7:00 PM, Thursday, March 17, 2022        
    7:00 PM, Tuesday, April 19, 2022         
    Need at least 45 days between the April BOE meeting and the last day of the school year for non-renewal and reduction-in-force  
    7:00 PM, Thursday, May 19, 2022
    7:00 PM, Thursday, June 9, 2022

    All committees will meet at 6 p.m. in the Field Middle School Learning Center

    Finance Committee 
    Board Representatives: Dr. Allison Slade and Jeffrey Steres

    • August 26
    • October 28
    • December 16
    • February 24
    • April 19
    • June 9

    Policy Committee
    Board Representatives: Meredith Estes and Daphne Frank

    • September 30
    • January 20
    • May 19 

    Buildings and Grounds  
    Board Representatives: Dr. Maria Vasilopoulos and Jeffrey Steres

    • November 17
    • March 17
    • July - no meeting date established yet

    Visitor Participation at Board of Education Meetings
    The Board of Education and Superintendent encourage District 31 parents and community members to attend regular meetings of the Board of Education to see, first hand, how financial and policy related decisions are made.

    Board Policy 2:019:  Public Participation at School Board Meetings and Petitions to the Board

    Participation Guidelines
    The following Guidelines are issued by the Board of Education of West Northfield School District #31 and shall govern the public participation portion of a Board meeting and are subject to change at the Board’s discretion. At each regular and special meeting of the Board, for an overall maximum of 30 minutes, any person may comment to or ask questions of the School Board, subject to the reasonable constraints established and recorded in this policy’s guidelines below.

    1. At the beginning of your comment, please state your name. There is a three (3) minute time limit for your remarks. Please be aware that the board is not required to respond to your remarks during the course of their meeting. For the duration of the meeting, you are welcome to observe until the closed session (if scheduled), but should not actively participate.

    2. Anonymous statements are not permitted during board meetings.

    3. To ensure equity of access to address the Board, an individual may not speak at two (2) consecutive Board Meetings, unless there are no additional speakers requesting to speak at the meeting. In the event an individual registers to speak at a consecutive Board Meeting, it will be at the discretion of the Board President if the individual will be called to address the Board.

    4. The board reserves the right to limit the total number of speakers at a meeting.

    5. Order of Speakers: The Board President may group speakers according to a particular topic and may call certain speakers out of numerical order so that all comments regarding a particular topic may be heard together, and for a maximum of 20 minutes in length. Speakers called by the Board President may not cede their time to another person.

    6. Speaker Groups: The Board President may place speakers in groups who are addressing a single issue to permit sufficient time for the Board to hear from both sides of the same issue. Groups of individuals may appear in support or opposition to a particular topic; however, a maximum of two representatives will be called to speak from those who have signed up on the topic. Speaker support groups are limited to 15 persons in a speaking area. An individual may not appear more than once during a meeting as either a speaker or as part of a speaker support group.

    7. Speaker Remarks and Submissions: When called by the Board President, a speaker shall have three minutes to present their remarks and materials to the Board. Speakers shall end their presentation upon the request of the Board President when their time is up to allow the next speaker to begin. All public presentations must be limited to issues of concern before the Board. Comments of a personal nature directed towards individual Board members, employees of the Board or any other individual are not permitted. It is the meeting chair’s prerogative to limit the discussion of any speaker to allow for broad and diverse public participation. Speakers may submit materials, written testimony, pictures, posters etc., to the Board Recording Secretary for the Board members' consideration.

    8. Behavior: Courteous, respectful and civil behavior is expected from all speakers and all persons attending a Board meeting, be it remote or in person. Unsolicited comments and disruptive behavior are prohibited. Individuals who are disruptive may be given a warning and also, may, if necessary, be removed from the meeting. If any individual is removed from a meeting as a result of disruptive behavior, then the individual may forfeit their right of reentry to future District 31 Board Meetings. Visitors should also visit the policy: Visitors to and Conduct on School Property for further information on expectations.

    9. Restrictions: Current or prospective vendors wishing to present products or services for purchase should not use the public participation portion of a Board meeting for this purpose. Hand-held posters and placards are not allowed in the Board Room.

    10. Remote Meetings: In the event that a meeting is held remotely, a public comment link will be provided to ensure public participation opportunities as required by law. The guidelines laid out in this policy apply to remote comments.

    11. Public Comment Link: If the meeting is NOT being held remotely, any comments submitted via the link will be shared with the Board of Education, although they will not be read aloud.

    Petitions or written correspondence to the Board shall be presented to the Board in the next regular Board packet, or as soon as practicable, but within 60 days from the board’s receipt of the request.

    Board Adopted: 06/17/2021

    Policy Number: 2:019