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Visitor Participation at Board of Education Meetings 
The Board of Education and Superintendent encourage District 31 parents and community members to attend regular meetings of the Board of Education to see, first hand, how financial and policy related decisions are made.
 “Recognition of Audience” is a formal agenda item that occurs at the beginning and end of each regular meeting of the Board of Education. Its purpose is to provide opportunities for audience member views to be expressed on matters relating directly to the District. Matters brought to the Board must have first been discussed with the Superintendent.
 During “Recognition of Audience”, each visitor wishing to address the Board will be asked to stand, state his/her first and last name, residential address, organization represented (if any), and briefly state what he/she would like to share with the Board. Board members shall not engage in a discussion with the visitor nor provide an opinion until its members have had an opportunity to discuss the topic as a Board at a later time; however, Board members may ask questions for clarification and additional information. If appropriate, the visitor will receive a response from an administrator as soon as possible.
If more than five minutes are needed for a visitor to address the Board, the visitor needs to complete a Visitor's Statement Form  (click link for a copy) and submit it to the superintendent at least one week prior to the scheduled Board meeting.