• Message from the Superintendent - January 27, 2012

    Dear District 31 Parents and Staff,

    At last night's Board of Education meeting (January 26), a two-year budget reduction plan, totaling approximately $1 million in cuts for the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 school years was approved. This plan will be put into place if voters choose not to approve District 31's proposed tax rate increase that is scheduled to appear on the March 20, 2012 election ballot.

    The two-year budget reduction plan was developed as a result of the following process.

    · The administration identified all items within the District's budget that can legally be reduced.

    · Parents and staff members were surveyed on each area identified.

    · A committee of parents, community members, administrators, and staff identified the impact each of the potential cuts could have on the students of District 31.

    If the proposed tax rate increase is approved by our voters, this two-year plan will not go into effect. Please be assured that the Board and administration will continue to manage District 31 funds efficiently as well as to think creatively to find ways to save money while maintaining the integrity of our educational programs.

    If the proposed tax rate increase fails, decisions regarding which of the two years each of the cuts will occur will be made no later than April, 2012.

    If you have any comments or questions regarding this two-year budget reduction plan, please do not hesitate to call me at 847-313-4418, e-mail me at anicholson@district31.net, or stop by my office.

    Dr. Alexandra Nicholson
    Superintendent of Schools



     2012-2013 and 2013-2014


    Student Transportation - The District will no longer subsidize student transportation. The cost for transportation will be assumed by parent fees. No transportation fee waivers will be available to students. The per student annual transportation fee will increase from $400 to $750-$1,000 depending upon the number of students who ride the buses to/from school. Student transportation will need to be eliminated if the ridership decreases to the point where parent fees can not cover the total costs. 

    Sports and Extra-Curricular Activities 

    ·         Sports - All sports teams will be eliminated. 

    ·         Extra-Curricular Activities - All before and after school student activities will be eliminated. 

    Instructional Assistants - All regular education instructional assistants will be eliminated. 

    ·         Kindergarten Assistants 

    ·         Grade One Assistants

    ·         Literacy Program Assistant 

    ·         Winkelman Learning Center Assistant

    ·         Winkelman Computer Lab Assistant 

    Student Services 

    ·         Gifted Education - The gifted education program will be eliminated.

    ·         Speech & Language - Speech & language services will be reduced by 1 pathologist.

    ·         Literacy - Literacy services at Field will be reduced by a 0.5 position.

    ·         Health Office - The Winkelman health office assistant will be eliminated.

    ·         Bilingual Education - The Spanish bilingual program assistant will be eliminated.

    ·         Social Work - The Korean social worker will be eliminated. 

    ·         The following reassignments will be made to avoid the employment of additional staff: 
English Language Learners - 1 Field
               ELL teacher to Winkelman; 
Special Education - 0.5 Field special education teacher to Winkelman

    Fine Arts

    ·         Band - Beginning, Concert, and Symphonic Bands, as well as instrumental lessons will be eliminated. 

    ·         The Field fine arts teaching staff will be reduced by the equivalency of 1.5 positions. This includes art, general music,
              applied technology, and family consumer science.

    ·         The Field computer lab teaching position will be reduced by 0.5. 

    ·         The Winkelman physical education staff will be reduced by 0.5.

    Community Services

    ·         The Field advisory teacher stipend will be eliminated.

    District Communications - The District's communications department will be eliminated.

     Instructional Supplies 
    - The amount of money per staff for instructional supplies will be reduced.

     Buildings & Grounds - 5 of 9 school custodians will be outsourced. 


    Click here for a pdf copy of the Superintendent's Message.