• District Immunization Summary

    Immunization Compliance Rate

    Winkelman is 98.6% compliant    

    Field is 99.3% compliant             

    Dental Data
    District 31 is in 89% compliance with dental examinations.
    Field Middle School is in 83% compliance.
    Winkelman is in 100% compliance. 

    83 in need of a dental exam at Field-55 in compliance (28 not in compliance, no waivers) 
    162 in need of dental exam at Winkelman-153 in compliance.
    245 in need of a dental exam District wide- 208 in compliance.
    Vision Data 
    92% in compliance
    Out of 807 students, 89 needed a vision exam, 7 are not in compliance, 3 had a waiver