• Winkelman School Room Parent Responsibilities 2018-2019

    Communicate with your teacher

    ●      Teachers vary in their use of parent volunteers and it is important to have a good understanding right at the beginning, i.e. parties, classroom involvement.

    Communicate with classroom parents

    ●      Speak at Curriculum Night to collect class email addresses, promote PTC and its programs (i.e. Art Enrichment, Box Tops, PTC membership, etc.)

    ●      Send an introduction letter requesting $10 donations from each family for the grade-wide party fund as well as a contact information/volunteer request.

    ○      If there is more than one room parent for your class, please designate one person to be the “money handler.”

    Act as a liaison between the PTC and the classroom parents

    ●      Attend the PTO general meetings and provide follow-up to parents.

    Help Communicate the Fall Catalog Details


    Organize grade-wide parties with other room parents (suggested, but ultimately the teacher's call on how parties are run; some grades like combined efforts)

    ●      Room parents are responsible for planning and facilitating the Halloween, Holiday, and Year-End parties, not just for their class, but in cooperation with all room parents in their respective grades. A Valentine's Day party or any additional events/parties are at the discretion of the teacher. The money collected at the beginning of the school year is to be used for each of these parties.

    ●      It is suggested that a grade-wide coordinator be determined at the beginning of the year to buy supplies for parties and “bill” each classroom per student.

    Recognize teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week

    ●      The PTO will provide a school-wide project. Room Parents are asked to manage the project within their class and coordinate the presentation of student-made gifts/letters/tokens of appreciation to their teachers on one day during Teacher Appreciation Week in May. More information will be provided as this date approaches.

    Arrange chaperones for field trips

    ●      The Room Parents are responsible for making sure that there is the required number of parents to attend each field trip. Siblings are not permitted on field trips.

    ○      Teachers will tell you how many chaperones are needed; if there are more volunteers than are needed - please work with the teacher to coordinate. 

    • Please ensure non-room parents are asked as well to volunteer.

    Organize Any Social Outings for your Grade’s Parents

    ●      Some grades have organized regular social outings to build a stronger community. The most successful arrangement is to have room parents determine a rotating schedule across the whole grade, where each room parent is responsible for just one month/outing. This is optional but encouraged.

    Organize Special Events (5th Grade Room Parents)

    ●      Fifth grade room parents are responsible for planning and hosting the 'Farewell to Fifth' party. Additional parents are also recruited to help with this party. Funds are available from the PTO for this party. Please contact your room parents for further information.

    Please feel free to contact the Room Parent Committee for additional information. 

    Terah Bozarth (terahbozarth@gmail.com)

    Thank you for volunteering to be a Room Parent.

    Have a great year!