• Winkelman School Room Parent Responsibilities 
    It's all about communication!

    Thank you so much for volunteering to help lead your grade(s) through parties and activities throughout the year. Your contribution greatly enhances the students' classroom experience. Below is a general list of what you can expect to do as a room parent, aside from the added benefits of getting better acquainted and spending more time with your teacher, your child's friends, and your child.

    Communicate with your teacher

    ●      Teachers vary in their use of parent volunteers. It is important to have a good understanding at the beginning of the year regarding expectations about parties and other classroom involvement. The PTO encourages teachers to share their activity plans so the PTO and room parents can plan accordingly.

    Communicate with your class' other room parents

    ●      Coordinate with other room parents. One parent can help collect funds, another can disseminate information shared by the PTO liaison, others can help with parties (and everyone can enjoy the parties!).

    Communicate with classroom parents

    ●     At curriculum might, introduce yourselves to your class parents. Briefly descbribe PTO membership and programs such as art enrichment, Box Tops, the book fair, and the school and holiday stores. Ask for $10 donations from each family to help support classroom parties. Ask if anyone else would like to volunteer and collect their information. Direct people to the PTO section of the D31 website. 

    ●    Your grade liaison will regularly share information with you from the PTO to be sent to all parents in your class.

    ●    You're invited to attend PTO meetings and share news with your class parents.

     Communicate with your cohort

    ●      Teachers want the students in each grade to have the same party and activity experience. Room parents for each grade are strongly encouraged to work together as a cohort, pooling funds and resources, thus stretching resources and ensuring an equally fun time in each classroom.

    ●      Cohorts are strongly encouraged to select a single room parent from each grade to act as liaison with the PTO communcations lead regarding information dissemination and to help guide party and activity planning as needed.

    ●     Determine a class treasurer to keep track of funds and reimburse for purchases as needed.

    ●     Room parents have the privilege of planning and facilitating activities such as Halloween and winter holiday parties, teacher appreciation gifts or projects, and perhaps other activities at the discretion of the teachers. The contributions collected at the beginning of the year will fund these events. You may request additional funds from the families for teacher year-end gifts if needed. Snacks for parties much be only pre-packed, pre-cut plain fruits and vegetables, according to the food policy

    Special Events 

    ●      Teacher Appreciation Week - The PTO will provide examples for a project. Room parents are asked to manage the project within their grade and coordinate the presentation of student-made gifts/letters/tokens of appreciation to their teachers one day during Teacher Appreciation Week in May. More information will be provided in the spring.

    ●     Social outings for your grade's parents - Grades have organized social outings (optional but encouraged) to build a stronger community. Feel free to do anything and everything to build a strong community within your grade. You'll be together for a long time!

    ●     Farewell to Fifth - Fifth grade room parents are responsible for planning and hosting the Farewell to Fifth party, a congratulatory event as our fifth graders move on to Field Middle School. Additional parents are recruited to help with this celebration, and funds are available from the PTO to help support the event. Please contact the PTO liaison for further information. 

    For further information or to ask any questions, please contact PTO room parent liaison Margo Schwartz-Newton
    Many thanks for your time, efforts, and support of our students. Have a wonderful year in District 31!