Food allergies present an increasing challenge for schools. Identification of students at risk of a life threatening reaction cannot be predicted. Because of the life-threatening nature of these allergies and their increasing prevalence, school districts and individual schools must be prepared to provide treatment to food-allergic students, reduce the risk of a food-allergic reaction, and accommodate students with food allergies.
    To keep our students who have food allergies safe, a team of District stakeholders determined the following procedures to begin immediately.  
    • In honor of a student’s birthday, the student may choose to bring non-food birthday items to share with their classmates. This ensures that all our students can participate in the birthday celebration and gift giving.
    • Individual students may bring snacks for themselves only.  Specific snack times within classrooms will be designated by teachers.  The snack must be provided from home and must not contain peanuts or tree nuts. Each classroom teacher will advise parents if other foods need to be avoided due to specific allergies in the classroom.
    • For holiday parties within classrooms, room parents will provide only pre-packed, pre-cut plain fruits and vegetables.
    • Written notification will be given to parents or guardians when food will be used in the classroom for instructional purposes or specific identified activities. During school hours, staff members will not provide food to students other than during those circumstances.
    • Winkelman has established lunchroom procedures to protect children with allergies.