Welcome to the District #31 Community Partners web page.  District #31 includes web links to our Community Partners and their flyers as an informational service for our students and their families. Inclusion does not imply District #31’s endorsement of the groups and their programs. Postings are for informational purposes only.


    To be included in the District’s Community Partners web page, an organization must be a local tax-supported community agency, a not-for-profit community organization offering sports and recreation program options for students, or a charitable group which has a current service learning connection or curricular connection with our schools or class groups.  


    Organizations that meet the criteria noted in paragraph two may include flyers that promote their services, activities, or events and a web link to their respective websites.  Flyers must:


    • Be in PDF format 

    • Not refer to fundraisers unless the program is sponsored by District #31 

    • Not conflict with public tax supported efforts already in effect

    Flyers will be posted for a two-week period and will be updated on the first and third Fridays of each month.