•  Activities and Volunteer Opportunities with the PTO

    The PTO and its members support many wonderful programs and activities for our
    students, teachers, and families, funded by PTO membership fees and the proceeds from
    various fundraising events. Below is a sampling of those activities, all at Winkelman unless
    otherwise indicated. All proceeds benefit the District 31 PTO, thus benefitting all District 31

    Please visit this page frequently for opportunity updates! All sign-up links will be
    added as they are made available.

    Art enrichment – Artwork by well-known artists presented in classrooms by volunteers
    during the school year. For more information, please contact Michelle Moore, michellemoore0207@gmail.com or Whitney Beswick, wbeswick@gmail.com

    Art fair – A sale of keepsake products produced from students' artwork. For more
    information, please contact Michelle Moore, michellemoore0207@gmail.com

    Band hospitality – Baked goods for Winkelman and Field band concerts provided by
    volunteers who also help plan the band awards banquet. For more information, please
    contact Mingyan Li, lilylmy@gmail.com or Cham Choi, chamandsung@yahoo.com

    Bingo night – A fun family event of dinner and bingo, including great prizes; held in
    January. For more information, please contact Sarah Yoo, sarahyoo1122@gmail.com

    Book fair – An opportunity to build your child’s library while supporting the District’s school libraries. We will have two book fairs in 2019-2020, one in the fall which will allow for online orders all year to benefit D31, and another small one in the spring to get your summer reading stack together. To volunteer, visit here. For more information, please contact Amber Meigs, ambermeigs@hotmail.com or Margo Schwartz-Newton, spider68@gmail.com   

    Catalog fundraisers – Each year there is the opportunity to order your favorite products
    or foods, such as Yankee Candles or Lou Malnati’s, while supporting the PTO. For more
    information, please contact Meredith Estes (this position is open for a volunteer to lead)

    Family nights – Fun family events, including a dance and a sports night. For more
    information, please contact Alba Ramones, albaaramones@gmail.com, Effy Baba, metrofe@hotmail.com or Evelina Lasch (dance), evelina7700@gmail.com, Georgia Byrne (Field family sports night) georgia_kat73@hotmail.com or Victoria Bardic, victoriabardic@yahoo.com or Erica Sokolowski (Winkelman sports night), ericaesokolowski@gmail.com
    Holiday school store – An opportunity for your student to do some shopping to surprise
    family and friends at the holidays. For more information, please contact Alba Ramones, albaaramones@gmail.com Effy Baba, metrofe@hotmail.com or Evelina Lasch,   

    Hospitality at Field and Winkelman – Organize and host special events, including
    providing food for teachers during conferences. For more information, please contact Sara
    Smith, sarasmithw@gmail.com

    Parents night out – Meet and mingle with other D31 families at this adult-only evening.
    For more information, please contact Meredith Estes, meredithestes@gmail.com

    Room parents – Parents help organize class parties, act as liaison between the PTO and
    their classrooms, plan special events like the fifth grade graduation celebration, and help
    teachers as needed. For more information, please contact Margo Schwartz-Newton, spider68@gmail.com

    School supply kits – Online sale of school supplies for the upcoming school year,
    convenient for families while supporting the PTO. For more information, please contact
    Erica Sokolowski, ericaesokolowski@gmail.com

    Science expo – An evening of upper-grade students showing of what they’ve learned
    conducting various types of science experiments in the after-school science club. For more
    information, please contact Renu Natarajan, renuka.natarajan@gmail.com

    Spirit wear – Fun wearables and magnets to show your school spirit. For more
    information, please contact Meredith Estes, meredithestes@gmail.com

    Taste of District 31 – Family event featuring food and performances from countries
    celebrating D31’s diverse cultures. For more information, please contact Lisa Brown, lisajbrown11@gmail.com or Laurel Shah, laawood@gmail.com

    Teacher appreciation week – Organize meals, desserts, and projects from the students
    for the teachers taking such great care with our kids. For more information, please contact
    Allison Slade, allison.s.rothstein@gmail.com

    Undernighters – A chance for students to enjoy a fun evening at the school, complete with
    pizza and a movie. For more information, please contact Debbie Silverman, debsilv1015@gmail.com or Lisa Brown, lisajbrown11@gmail.com (K-2), Nancy Hammer, ncastello@ameritech.net or Whitney Beswick (3-5), wbeswick@gmail.com

    Winkelman school store – A fun opportunity during Thursday lunch for students to learn
    money management as they peruse and purchase fun supplies and gifts, many under
    $1.00. For more information, please contact Dimitra Arvanitis, dimitrarvanitis@hotmail.com

    Winkelman Wildcats newspaper – PTO volunteers work with fourth graders on editing
    articles to create a school newspaper at least twice a year. For more information, please
    contact Stacy Mikuzis, stacy@mikuzislaw.com

    Other simple ways to support the PTO:

    Amazon Smile – Shop on Amazon?  Click on the box below to proceed to Amazon so that a
    percentage of your shopping is donated to Winkelman. www.smile.amazon.com

    Box Tops for Education – Earn money for D31 with products you already buy. Download
    the Box Tops for Education app then scan your receipts. Click here to download the app or
    get more information. 

    Cell phone recycling – Recycle your old cell phones by dropping them off at either the
    Winkelman or the Field school office, and the PTO will get a donation. Simple, easy, and
    great for the environment.

    Mabel’s Labels – Labeling your child's belongings is easy with Mabel's Labels, and if you
    order and choose to support District 31 (just start typing “31”), we will receive a donation
    for each purchase. 

    If you have any questions about PTO membership, or if you are uncertain that you joined
    for the current school year, please contact Terah Bozarth, terahbozarth@gmail.com. For general PTO questions, please email Meredith Estes, PTO president, d31pto@gmail.com.