• West Northfield School District 31

    E-learning Plan/Remote Learning Plan

    Created:  March 2020, Approved by IRC on March 13, 2020

    Adapted March 30, 2020 based on Executive Order 2020-15

    Superintendent:  Dr. Erin K. Murphy (emurphy@district31.net)

    Based on direction from the Illinois State Board of Education in March 2020, public school districts in Illinois are asked to submit E-learning plans to their regional office of education or their intermediate service center in response to the public health crisis related to COVID-19 to be prepared in case of school closings.  The goal is to maintain the continuity of student education in the face of school closings related to a public health crisis. At this point, the plan is not intended for weather related school emergencies or closings that are less than two days. However, an eventual evaluation of the plan, which would include feedback from students, staff and parents, may lead to recommendations to expand the E-learning plan, as well as possible revisions.  As the public health crisis in the spring of 2020 continues, Remote Learning Plans are evolving to meet newly released guidance by the Illinois State Board of Education.

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