• School Year 2020 - 2021 Fall Reopening Plans

    Thank you to our families and staff for your feedback, support, and patience as we plan for the reopening of schools for the 2020 - 2021 school year. Please find the latest information regarding reopening below. 

    Instruction Options for Students
    Reopening Plan Visual

    Re-Registration - Friday, July 17
    A "re-registration" for school is open.  Families will need to be officially registered for school in order to choose an option for the fall. Though in-person learning is ideal, the District fully understands that in-person learning may not be the best option for all families. 
    Re-register here

    School Reopening Dashboard
    District 31 will reopen school for all students five days a week IF we are able to ensure all elements on our newly developed “dashboard” are green. All of these items are necessary for school to start. The dashboard allows our community to monitor progress for a return to in-person school.
    Reopening Metrics
    A second dashboard will be added once school is in session in order to determine when and if it is necessary to move from one model of learning to another (i.e. move from in-person to remote learning).

    • Matrix for Keeping In-Person School Open
    • Matrix items above remain in green
    • Staff daily attendance does not fall below 85% for three consecutive days
    • Sub fill rate does not fall below 90% for three consecutive days
    • Student daily attendance (in-person instruction) does not fall below 75% for more than three consecutive days

    E-learning Plan/Remote Learning Plan
    Public Act 101-0012 allows for E-learning opportunities for students.  

    The following components of an E-learning plan are required:

    • Ensure and verify at least five clock hours of instruction for each student participating in an E-learning day
    • Ensures home or remote access for all students participating, including computers, the Internet, and other forms of electronic communication that must be utilized in the proposed program.
    • Ensures non-electronic materials are made available to students participating in the program who do not have access to the required technology or to participating teachers or students who are prevented from accessing the required technology. without required technology
    • Ensures appropriate learning opportunities for students with special needs
    • Monitors and verifies each student’s electronic participation
    • Address the extent to which student participation is within the student’s control as to time, pace and mean of learning.

    The following procedures to approve an E-learning plan are required:

    • A public hearing must be held with the public receiving at least a ten (10) days notice before the hearing (publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the school district, written or electronic notice designed to reach parents or guardians of students in the district
    • Written or electronic notice designed to reach the parents or guardians of all students enrolled in the district
    • Written or electronic notice designed to reach any exclusive collective bargaining representatives of school district employees and employees without a collective bargaining unit
    • School board approval following a public hearing
    • Review and revise the program implemented to address difficulties confronted
    • Ensure that the protocol regarding general expectations and responsibilities of the program is communicated to teachers, staff, and students at least 30 days prior to utilizing an E-learning day.

    View eLearning Plan/ Remote Learning Plan

    Bus Cleaning Procedures
    Learn about North Shore Transit bus cleaning procedures by watching this short video

    Reopening FAQs
    1. Will there be transportation services?
    Families may sign up for bus services by August 1 with District 31 partner North Shore Transit. Students will sit one per seat. However, siblings may sit together. This will limit ridership to approximately 24-30 students on a bus. Students will have assigned seats. Students and bus drivers must wear masks on the bus.

    2. Does my child have to wear a mask?
    All students and staff are required to wear a mask on school grounds. They may take it off outside if social distancing can be maintained and while they are eating.

    3. What do I need to do if my child has a health condition that prevents them from wearing a mask?
    Students need a doctor’s note in order to be exempt from wearing a mask.

    4. Will temperatures be taken when students and staff enter the building?
    All students and staff need to self certify EVERY morning that they do not have a temperature or any of the symptoms related to COVID-19. Parents will be able to certify for their children.

    5. What will happen if there is a student or staff member with a confirmed case of COVID-19?
    We will be assisting with contact tracing and following the guidelines from the Illinois Department of Public Health. Individuals who have been in contact (within six feet for 15 or more minutes) will be required to quarantine at home for 14 days.

    6. If my child is quarantined at home or home recovering from an illness (but able to participate), will they receive instructional support?
    We are developing a plan to ensure that students at home will be provided their instruction.

    7. What happens if our family is not able to support the time frames detailed in the e-learning plan in terms of a daily schedule?
    Contact your building principals or assistant principals in order to set up a meeting so we can determine how best to support your child.

    8. What happens if we have a major life change and need to change our school platform (change from distance learning to in-person or vice versa)?
    Students should commit to their selected platform until winter break. However, if there is a life change, contact your principal or assistant principal to determine how to best support your child.

    9. What are attendance and grading guidelines for the 2020-2021 school year?
    ISBE requires compulsory attendance of school for any student enrolled in our programs unless they meet traditional absence requirements. In addition, school grading practices must be adhered to in order to show student progress and progression.

    10 Our child may have learning gaps from the Spring 2020. How will you support my child?
    We recognize that all students were impacted by the pandemic and have developed assessment protocols and testing in order to determine how to best support students moving forward.

    11. How do we find out about specifics of Field and Winkelman programming?
    A final handbook is being developed and will be published soon. In addition, we encourage you to reach out to your building principal or assistant principal or the appropriate district administrator to get your questions answered.