• E-learning Plan/Remote Learning Plan
    The District has careful prepared an eLearning Plan and Remote Learning Plan that is being used to guide students through the 2020- 2021 school year.  

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    In order to provide continuity of service for all of our students, District 31 will provide various live streamed and web-based individual or group instructional, educational and related service sessions (“Activities”) through electronic platforms to students, such as Google Meet. While the middle school will be utilizing live streaming as a core component of the E-School program, the elementary school will also have opportunities to live stream.  

    Students will be logging into the remote meeting platforms and engaging with District 31 staff and other students from home. The utilization of online and remote meeting platforms and participation in remote instruction and Activities may result in other students, parents, or others having the capability to view the other students (and possibly other family members) in these groupings. This access could occur in real time or thereafter, depending on who views the remote instruction and Activities during delivery and/or how the particular platform and/or those participating maintains the data. Further, depending on the electronic platforms utilized, the platform may otherwise maintain, utilize or disclose school student record information and other protected information for its own purposes, including for the platforms’ own product development or marketing purposes in accordance with the platform’s terms of service. Any disclosure of information carries with it the potential for an unauthorized re-disclosure of the information, resulting in the information no longer being protected by federal and state confidentiality laws. 

    When your student is participating in remote learning, please ensure your student is in a quiet location with minimal distraction, and that his or her device is not visible to the public. We note that no virtual classroom, group, or individual session should be recorded, downloaded, or shared in any manner by students or parents. Your student remains subject to the District 31 Acceptable Use Policy. 

    The District’s goal is to provide access to continuous learning opportunities for our students to support them as we move towards full, in-person instruction. Your student’s participation in these Activities constitutes a waiver of all claims against the District arising out of and connected with your student’s participation in any of these Activities, and agreement to not audio or video record such Activities. 

    If you have any concerns regarding your student’s participation in remote learning through virtual meeting platform(s) during this period, especially regarding your student’s privacy or confidentiality rights, please contact your building principal. 

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