• Return to School Chart
    Updated 1/8/21
    Here is a handy chart of some current information for returning to school:

    We traveled over winter break.  When can my student return to in-person school?

    My child is  ill and/or showing a Covid symptom.  How can they return to school?

    My child was in close contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid.  When can they come back to school?

    You must quarantine for a minimum of ten days following travel per the CDC.

    In order for your child to return to school in person on January 11, you must be home from your travels on Thursday, December 31.

    Please contact the school offices if you have any questions about dates so we can assist with timing and live streaming if they are unable to return on January 11.

    There are three ways to return to school.

    1. A doctor’s note providing an alternative diagnosis.
    2. A negative Covid test (PCR)
    3. After 10 days of quarantine if they are no longer showing symptoms.

    Your child can come back to school after ten days, provided they are showing no symptoms.