• Become a Substitute for District 31

    West Northfield School District 31 is in need of Regular, Permanent, Semi-Permanent, and monitor positions for the 2021-2022 school year.

    Regular Substitute Teachers
    Regular Substitute Teachers are needed to fill short-term positions as needed. Regular subs will select jobs based on their availability. West Northfield School District 31 partners with Kelly Education to manage our substitute program. To learn more or apply for substitute teacher or aide/paraprofessional positions at West Northfield School District 31, please contact Kelly Education at 24x4@kellyservices.com or click here to schedule an interview with Kelly Education. 

    Permanent Substitute Teachers

    Permanent substitute teachers are needed to fill long-term positions in the District. Permanent subs are guaranteed a job every day at Field Middle School or Winkelman Elementary School.

    Semi-Permanent Substitute Teachers
    Semi-Permanent Substitute Teachers commit to one/two days/week. Subs that are semi-permanent subs will sign up to come in weekly on a specified day of the week. They may be asked to sub for a remote class.

    Monitor Positions
    Supervisors asssit with student supervision. This role can be flexible (i.e. come in every Monday, lunch times, only mornings, etc.) or stable (come in all day, every day). The position is perfect for a college student learning from home. 

    Important Information

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