Northfield District 31 Board of Education
    West Northfield School District 31
    Board of Education

    (Seated left to right) Robert Resis, Vice President;  Robert Spector, President; (standing left to right) Nancy Hammer; Daphne Frank; Jeffrey Steres; Melissa Choo Valentinas; Laura Greenberg, Secretary

    The Board of Education is comprised of seven District 31 residents who are elected in non-partisan elections and serve unsalaried four-year terms. The Board is responsible for interpreting the educational needs and desires of the people and for translating them into policies and programs that are implemented by the school administration.  All seven Board Members have successfully completed the required professional development leadership training required by Illinois School Code ICS 5/10-16a.

    All inquiries or questions for the District 31 Board of Education can be sent to d31board@district31.net