• Student Assessments
    *Update October 2020: Note that the assessment calendar has been updated.  Updates include the winter benchmarking window, addition of state testing windows, adjustments to the CogAT and SEB screener.

    • Assessment and data collection are an essential and important part of an effective educational system. Assessment and data give students feedback as to whether they are hitting their personal learning targets. Teachers use data to design and modify their instruction to ensure student growth. Administrators and school teams use assessment data to improve school systems, programs, and strategies. School boards and other district stakeholders use data to evaluate student growth and development over time and to compare performance levels to other school districts.

    • All of these different uses and purposes require different types of assessment and data. Assessments that are taken once a year and are required by the state are most often used for accountability and district comparison purposes. Local formal assessments given two or more times per year are most often used to evaluate student growth and to determine eligibility for various supports and services. Data collected more frequently in the classroom can be used to help inform instruction. These classroom level data can include formative assessments (e.g., quizzes, responses to teacher questions, performance on classroom tasks) and summative assessments (e.g., chapter tests, teacher designed tests to measure attainment of learning targets).
    • The pages connected to this site describe the local formal assessments and state mandated assessments that are given throughout the school year. Your child's teacher can provide you with additional information regarding assessments that are given at the classroom level. You should expect to receive the results of these formal assessments in the fall, winter, and spring.  A letter of explanation will accompany each set of test results you receive. If, however, you still need assistance with interpreting the results, we encourage you to contact your child’s teacher or school principal.

    If you have questions regarding the assessments that are used in District 31, please contact the school principals.

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