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Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee- BPAC

You are invited to participate in District 31’s Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee (BPAC). BPAC is a committee of parents, district leaders, and teachers that meet at least four times a year and focus on the bilingual/EL education and programming of the District. Being a BPAC member, you will get to know the curriculum, budget, and ongoing learning for teachers.
Mission Statement:
The mission of the Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee is for parents, staff, and the District to work together in order to meet the needs of all bilingual students.
Our Goals:

  • To establish a collaborative voice between our bilingual families and District 31
  • To promote positive parental participation in the development of the educational experiences for our children
  • To develop the capacity of our parents to support their children with their academic work
  • To establish a bilingual parent network and promote cultural awareness
  • To help make decisions regarding the bilingual program at District 31
  • To understand and review the assessments, resources, and instructional methods used in language acquisition programs

Our Meetings:
BPAC meets four times a school year at Winkelman Elementary School. For more information please call Sandra Luna, EL/Bilingual coordinator at (847) 832-2284 or email

Meetings are open to all District 31 families of English Learners and Bilingual students. Learn more about our EL program and how to support your EL children at home. 

Comité de Padres Bilingües