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Mongolian Bilingual Liaison

  • What is a Parent Liaison?
    The Parent Liaison for District 31 is a Mongolian bilingual individual who focuses on bridging communication between school and home to ensure parents have adequate access to information, services, and the support they need to make sure their children achieve academic and social success in school.

    Examples of the assistance the Parent Liaison can provide:

    • enrollments
    • forms completion
    • explanation of programs and resources available to the parent and child
    • parental involvement
    • answer questions about school rules/regulations
    • curriculum
    • grade expectations
    • policies
    • help arrange meetings between school and family
    • assistance during school wide meetings
    • parent/teacher conferences
    • Special Education programs/meetings
    • IEP meetings
    • mental health evaluations and meetings
    • home visits and screenings
    • emergency communications (by phone or in person)
    • translations (written)
    • phone calls to parents
    • open-house nights
    • back to school orientation meetings
    • explain safety issues
    • assist with transportation issues
    • assist school nurse with communicating health related student issues
    • collaborate with community agencies
    • assist with school/community events
    • familiarize parents with school publications and website
    • explain and help access resources within the school
    • assistance to address discipline issues
    • parent empowerment so they can become active participants in the education of their children
    • assistance with any other issues that may impact the child’s academic growth
    • cooperate with Early Intervention Program in Child and Family Connection