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Our mission at District 31 is to empower every student to reach their highest potential! To achieve this mission, staff use a variety of technology to enhance learning. 

Electronic networks, including the Internet, are a part of the District’s instructional program and serve to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and communication.

Our 1:1 personal technology program provides tools and resources to the 21st Century Learner.  Excellence in education requires that technology be seamlessly integrated throughout the educational program. According to studies and school reports, students who use a computing device in a one-­to-­one educational environment are more organized and engaged learners, attend school more regularly, advance their knowledge and understanding of technology, and become constructors and designers of information and ideas. 

Kindergarten - 2nd grade students have 1:1 iPads that are used across curricular areas during the school day and may also be used nightly as part of homework assignments.

3rd -8th grade students have 1:1 Chromebooks that are used across the curriculum during the school day and go home nightly to support the completion of homework assignments.

In addition, classrooms have laptops, desktops, projectors, document cameras, and Apple TV's to support instruction.