• Quest Free Meal Program Through End of 2020 - 2021 School Year 
    We are excited to offer free lunch to every student at West Northfield School District 31 thanks to the Summer Food Service Program from the USDA, a federally funded program. Covid related adaptations to the program makes it possible for District 31 to temporarily participate through the end of the school year. During our eligibility,  there is no charge for school meals – breakfasts and lunches, provided by Quest Food Management Services. Please visit our webpage to see the FAQ, menus, meal planners, etc!

    Lunch/Breakfast Menu

    November/ December Food Pick Up Schedule

    Free Meal Program Resources
    Program information in Korean
    Program information in Mongolian
    Program information in Spanish

    Free Food Service Program FAQ
    Free Food Service Program FAQ (Korean)

    Free Food Service Program FAQ (Mongolian)
    Free Food Service Program FAQ (Spanish)

    Free Meal Program Flyer
    Free Meal Program Flyer (Korean)

    Free Meal Program Flyer (Mongolian)
    Free Meal Program Flyer (Spanish)
    Meal Planner Flyer
    Meal Planner Flyer (Spanish)

    Justice for All

    In-Person Learning Lunch Program
    We encourage all families to take advantage of the free meal program. Parents do not need to sign up for the free school lunch program. Each child coming into school will receive lunch for the day at NO cost. Beginning Monday, October 5, District 31 will offer EVERY child a free meal. We encourage families to take advantage of this program rather than send in a lunch from home, but you are free to do that, as well.   Milk will also continue to be available to all students.

    Because of federal guidelines, Quest will be unable to offer meal choices, adjust portions sizes, or offer a la carte items (at Field).

    Remote Learning Lunch Program
    District 31 students who are part of the remote learning program are also invited to receive weekly meals  through the Summer Food Service Program. Remote families who wish to participate MUST fill out this form to indicate their participation and to determine whether they will pick meals weekly or request drop off.  Each enrolled student will receive seven lunches and seven breakfasts in the weekly pick-up/drop off. 

    • Families can pick up meals at Glenbrook South High School between 8:30am-noon at Door H.  Meals can be picked up every Monday starting October 5 (unless it is a holiday, then Tuesday) OR
    • Meals can be delivered on Monday mornings by our bus service partner, North Shore Transit

    If you are a family who has students in the remote program and wish to participate, please fill out the forms to indicate your preference for drop off or pick up of meals.

    Other Information

    • We recognize that some students may require a vegetarian or gluten friendly diet and we will accommodate those needs. Please fill out the Dietary Needs Form for special consideration (See FAQ). Quest Food Management makes every attempt to identify allergens in our food production. We do not use peanuts or tree nuts in our kitchen. Please be advised that our menu items may contain allergens, may have come in contact with items containing allergens, and there is always a risk of contamination or cross-contamination. There is also a possibility that manufacturers of the commercial foods we use could change the formulation or substitute at any time, without notice.  Any questions or concerns, please contact garellano@questfms.com.  
    • Nutritional value is available on FD Planner App
    • Please visit our webpage and attached documents  to see the FAQ, menus, meal planners, etc!

    One final note:  Meals will be available for pickup at Glenbrook South during the week of Thanksgiving and the two weeks of winter break, also on Mondays.   


    Any questions or concerns regarding the food service program, please contact:
    Food Service Manager, Grieselda Arellano
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