• What is Field PRIDE?

     Prepared Respectful Independent Dependable Empathetic

    PRIDE is the schoolwide positive behavior program here at Field. Students are encouraged to show their PRIDE in every part of the building, with staff, peers, and at all times.  The letters in PRIDE each stand for an important part of what makes up our school culture. 

    While PRIDE can look different in the hallways, on buses, in the bathroom, and in class there are some basic guidelines to follow regardless of your location:

    • Prepared
      • Comes to class on time with required materials
      • Comes with required work completed
    • Respectful
      • Follows school and classroom rules
      • Shows respect for school property
      • Communicates respectfully
    • Independent
      • Is a self-directed learner
      • Advocates for self
      • Actively tries to solve problems
    • Dependable
      • Isn’t afraid to tell the truth
      • Does the right thing without direction
    • Empathetic
      • Is understanding of the feelings and ideas of others
      • Considers how your actions affect others

    By showing appropriate behaviors, students display PRIDE here at Field. To encourage students to go above and beyond our regular expectations the staff at Field hands out Tiger Tickets which can be traded in for various rewards. Because there are many ways to show Field PRIDE, there are many ways for students to earn Tiger Tickets. When everyone is working together and being prepared, respectful, independent, dependable, and empathetic, our school is showing the world its PRIDE!