At Field Middle School, we believe that giving students the opportunity to do something different after school helps support the vision of educating the whole child, as well as providing opportunities to develop school spirit and leadership. I urge you to review the information below with your child...and to encourage them to attend! I look forward to having a school the bustles with creative energy after school.  Please contact Mr. Milano (dmilano@district31.net) if you have any questions about clubs and afterschool activities.









    No Clubs*


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    No Clubs*

    *Note-Musical, chorus, and sports may run on Mondays and Fridays and at times different than the clubs in the chart above.


    Details and Expectations
    • Drop-in clubs will be held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  No activities will occur on conference days or early dismissal days. Activities will begin at 3:40pm and end at 4:40pm. In the event of extreme weather, activities will be canceled.

    • There is no additional fee to participate in any activities at Field.

    • Students are expected to take the late bus, be picked up by 4:40, or walk/bike home by 4:40.  If students are picked up late more than three times in a semester they will either be required to take the late bus or not permitted to attend activities.

    • The late bus is a FREE bus (operated by First Student) that is open to ALL students.  You need not be a morning/afternoon First Student rider with a bus pass to ride the late bus.  The students will tell the bus driver where they live and they will be dropped off in that locale. The late bus will depart at 4:30pm.

    • Students are expected to follow school rules during the activities.  If they are written up by a staff member more than three times in a semester during the after school time or have a major infraction at any time (as determined by the principal) they will not be permitted to attend activities for the rest of the semester.

    • At this time, students do not need to sign up to be part of one of the after school clubs. If attendance becomes too large, we may need to institute a sign-up sheet.

    • Students are expected to stay until the activity is over at 4:40.  Once a student chooses an activity, they need to stay in that activity for that day.  They can choose a new activity the next time they participate.  Please note that the school office closes at 4:00pm, even though activities may run later.


    Other Extracurricular Opportunities at Field

    (Tryouts and/or a commitment may be necessary to participate in the activities below.  More information on the website):
    • Fall Musical-Auditions are in September and performances are in December.  There are also opportunities to work backstage or on the art crew. Talk to Mr. Carvell (ccarvell@district31.net).

    • Spring Choir - See Mr. Carvell (ccarvell@district31.net) with any questions.

    • Student Council-All students are invited to be part of the Student Council, which meets in the morning.  Talk to Mr. Frega (mfrega@district31.net) for details.

    • Yearbook-Field puts out a yearbook every spring. Listen for announcements for ways to get involved.  Talk to Ms. Delehanty (pdelehanty@district31.net) for details.  

    • Interscholastic Sports-Talk to Mr. Damon, Athletic Director, if you have any questions (ad@district31.net)

      • Fall-Coed Soccer, Girls Volleyball

      • Late Fall/Early Winter-Girls and Boys Basketball

      • Late Winter-Boys Volleyball

      • Spring-Coed Track.