• To report student absences, please call our attendance line before 8:00 AM  
    The attendance phone number is 847-729-5650 - Press 5

    Daily Attendance

    Students are expected to be in attendance each day during the regular academic school year with the exception of excused absences.

    Leaving School Grounds

    No child will be allowed to leave the school grounds during the school day without the permission of the principal. In the event that parents must remove a child from school before the end of classes, a note should be sent to school. Parents must come to the office and check in with the school secretary when a child is being picked up prior to the regular dismissal time.

    For Winkelman students only: If a child is going home other than the usual way (such as going to a friend’s house), a note must be sent to school. If someone other than a parent or designated driver will be picking up a child, a note must be sent to school and the person picking up may be asked to show identification.

    Absences and Tardiness

    It is essential for children to attend school regularly in order to obtain maximum benefit from instruction. It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to see to it that their children are in school and are on time. Students arriving late not only miss their own valuable instruction time, but also disrupt the learning of others.

    If for any reason, a child must be absent from school, parents should call:

    •  Winkelman School at 847-729-5650  Press 1 before 8 a.m.

     If the parent or guardian has not called the school before classes begin, the office assistant will make a reasonable attempt to contact the parent/guardian within two hours of the first class.  It is the responsibility of the student and/or parent/guardian to initiate make-up procedures for missed school work with the teacher. All make-up work shall be completed within a reasonable time following the absence.

    Students who are absent or tardy to school more than four days, excused or unexcused, may trigger attendance interventions that will include letters home, a possible conference, and/or a referral to the problem solving team.  Students who are absent more than six days,may trigger further interventions that can include requirements that any absences must include a doctor’s note in order to be considered excused.  Any absences more than nine days will result in a referral to the North Cook Intermediate Service Center as required by law.

    Students who are late to school are marked tardy.  A parent or guardian must escort their student into the building sign them in for the tardy to be considered excused.  As stated previously, excessive tardies may trigger interventions.


    Repeated absences, both excused and unexcused, from school is considered truancy. The District will determine when a student is a truant, chronic or habitual truant, or a truant minor as defined by the School Code of Illinois. Students who are considered truant will trigger attendance interventions that will include letters home, a possible conference, and/or a referral to the problem solving team/North Cook Intermediate Service Center Truancy Officer.

    Excused Absences

    Student absences for the reasons listed below are considered unavoidable and are considered excused absences according to the school code and Board Policy, Attendance and Truancy :

    •  Personal illness

    Personal illness is when students are too ill to attend school.  If a student absence is lengthy

    due to illness or their are excessive absences during the year, a doctor’s note may be required to ensure the absence is excused.

    •  Family emergency

    A family emergency can include an immediate family member’s illness, a car accident, or other

    similar event.

    •  Death in the family

    Students who travel to attend a funeral will be excused for up to five days.  Any more time will be

    considered unexcused.

    •  Medical and dental appointments which cannot be scheduled outside of the school day

    •  Religious observances

    Religious observances may be holidays, time needed for prayer, or travel related to a religious


    •  Any other absence approved by the principal

    The principals will use their discretion when considering absences and may consult when families have students who attend both schools in order to maintain consistency.  Please note that family vacations, weddings, reunions, etc. are not considered excused.

    Parents Absent from Home

    Parents who will be away for an extended time while their children are in school should give written notice to the school office and provide the name and phone number of the person responsible for the care of their children in their absence.

    Family Vacations During the School Year

    District 31 discourages the practice of parents taking students out of school for family vacations on regularly scheduled days of instruction. If such a student absence becomes a family necessity, please contact the child’s teacher and the school office. It is the responsibility of the child to make up any missed assignments within a reasonable period of time. It may not be possible for a teacher to prepare work in advance for a planned, extended absence, therefore children will be given a reasonable time to complete the work after returning to school.  Please recognize that students who miss school due to vacations will be missing instruction and it may not always be possible to replicate that instruction.  Per District 31 policy, family vacations are considered unexcused..

    Parent Contact Information

    Parents are expected to provide contact information, including phone numbers, to the school and to update any information that changes.