• Family Communication
    We know that a partnership between parent and school is key to student success.  As a result, we have several different ways that we communicate with you.

    • Email and phone:  Already you can see that we employ e-mails to share information with you. Although we will send daily emails for the first couple weeks of school, generally you can expect to get an email from us each Friday highlighting news and upcoming dates at Field.  In addition, if something is urgent or it is essential that you get information about, we will also send a Skylert phone message. Please note that students also get emails from me and teachers with information about events at Field.  We will be using advisory time to teach kids to check their email..
    • Facebook: We regularly place news and updates on this site, as well as pictures and class events.  
    • Skyward Gradebook: Our teachers use Skyward to record grades.  As part of developing advocacy in our students, we encourage them to check their grades on a regular basis.  We also encourage parents to log in to their Skyward account (the same username and password as registration).  Please note that while some teachers update the online gradebook frequently, teachers are only expected to update approximately every two weeks on a Monday.  We will use these notes to let you know when to expect a gradebook update.
    • Skyward Gradebook Part II:  Skyward is also programmed to send you a message if your student grade falls below 70% or if they have assignments missing for more than 10 days.  These thresholds are the default for all families. However, as a parent, you have the ability to go into Skyward to change your default options. Please call the office if you have any questions.
    • Skyward Gradebook Part III: Please note that if a “0” is showing in the gradebook, the assignment is missing whether or not it was due to an excused or unexcused absence.  Once the student turns in the assignment or makes-up test, the grade will be changed and the “0” replaced with the actual grade. If a “*” is showing then the teacher is in the process of entering in finalized grades.  We hope that helps when reading the gradebook.
    • Google Classroom:  All of our teachers use Google Classroom as the platform to deliver content to the students.  Although the system isn’t setup for parents to log in, in a few weeks you will get an email letting you know how you can get emails from Google Classroom giving you updated information about your child’s classroom pages.

    The Field and District website is also robust and offers a plethora of robust information!  We are looking forward to a great school year.