• Field Middle School is proud to be in its sixth year as a school who provides 1:1 technology for students.  Our current device is the Chromebook and love the versatility it provides our students. As we enter a new school year, I just want to offer a few reminders about student technology.

    • While our internet is set to filter inappropriate content while students are connected to our wireless, parents need to be mindful that you will need to monitor their content.
    • Students utilize their chromebook to access a lot of information for class including Google Classroom, Skyward gradebook, textbooks, and other class information.  It is essential students bring their chromebooks to school everyday CHARGED. In fact, we will be offering some school wide incentives and challenges to make charging chromebooks rote for students.
    • If a student chromebook is broken or not working, they need to fill a chromebook repair form in the office and then bring it to the tech office.  Parents will also be required to sign the repair form. If negligent acts lead to repeated incidences of a broken chromebook, parents may be asked to pay for the repairs.
    • We use Go Guardian to monitor Chromebook usage in the school..  This program allows teachers to monitor chromebook usage while students are in class in order to ensure that they are on task.
    • Students must keep the Chromebook in the case provided.
    • Students have a google account, which provides email, google docs, google sheets, and the whole suite of google products.  Because these are accounts provided by the school, google does scan the content and alerts school administration if anything is concerning and that may need further investigation.
    • We highly encourage students to check their email daily and to check they Skyward gradebook weekly.


    We are thrilled that technology usage is part of the normal educational programming at Field and we appreciate your partnership when ensuring our students are using technology to support their education.