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ILMEA Jr. Honors Band Members

Each year the Illinois Music Educators Association holds auditions for a Junior High Honors Band made up of band members from northern Illinois middle schools.  Around 300 students go through a lengthy audition process in front of judges to win a spot in this band.  

Over the weekend of September 26, 10 Field MIddle School band members won a place in this prestigious band. The students who performed in the 2016 ILMEA Honors Band were 8th graders Brendan Biernacki (tuba), Esther Lim (French horn), Janin Liu (flute), James Park (trumpet), Matthew Tzeng (trombone), Rosemary Vazquez (bass clarinet), Emmett Abels (percussion), 7th graders Jonathan Frias (percussion), Joanna Choe (flute) and 6th grader Trinity Choi (clarinet). 

These students met for a one-day festival on Saturday,  Nov. 5 for a full day of rehearsals, followed by a public concert.  This year's festival was held at Wauconda High School in Wauconda, Illinois, conducted by Stacey Larsen or Vandercook University in Chicago.

IMEA Jr. Honors Band Members from D31