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Learn more about the 2019-2020 Early Dismissals

One of the new features for the 2019-2020 school calendar is weekly Monday early dismissals.  Both Field and Winkelman will be dismissed one hour early (Winkelman-1:40pm and Field-2:30pm) on Mondays. Our teachers will utilize this time on Mondays for professional development and collaboration around student achievement.  In addition, the Board of Education approved five additional full days of school. One of the benefits of moving to early dismissal Mondays is that we will be able to reduce the number of times teachers are pulled from classrooms and being replaced by substitute teachers.  We also understand students learn more when they are with their teachers instead of subs. However, we know that early dismissals can be challenging for our families. Thus, Field and Winkelman administrative teams are finalizing a plan to support any student who needs to stay at school during the early dismissal time at no cost to families.  For students who are bus riders, we will have buses available at the early dismissal time, as well as at the traditional time. We are also working with outside vendors to provide some additional enrichment opportunities for our students during this time that would be available at a cost for interested families. Our plan is to share more specific information about these programs and opportunities, including registration on July 8.