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New Science Programs Coming K-8 in 2019-2020

Elementary School Program:

At Winkelman, science will now be taught daily by classroom teachers utilizing a new, comprehensive science program.  Classrooms will have access to a science lab, as well as all students will have the opportunity to spend 50 minutes a week in the Makerspace, putting STEM principles into action.  The new science program is Bring Science Alive!, which  is published by TCI. The program engages students by presenting them with phenomena and prompting them to ask questions about what they observed. Through ongoing investigations, students begin to make sense of the science they have witnessed and their new learning and questions drives the instruction. While many of the instructional materials are online for Bring Science Alive! (such as the videos that introduce the anchoring phenomena for the unit), there are options for student books and workbooks to be either paper based or digital. At the core of instruction is students completing hands-on activities.


Middle School Program:

At the middle school, students will continue to have 40 minutes of science daily taught by one of our three science teachers.  The new adopted science program, IQWST® (Investigating and Questioning our World through Science and Technology), transforms students into scientists who investigate questions relevant to their lives. To answer their questions, students conduct investigations, collect and analyze data, develop and use models to explain phenomena, and engage in argument from evidence. Lessons are organized into thematic units such as Can I Believe My Eyes? (Physical Science) and What's Going on Inside Me? (Life Science), that support students as they build understanding of core ideas in science as well as understanding and use of scientific practices. The online interactive digital edition of the program allows students to engage with science in a variety of ways as it incorporates audio, video, graphic simulations, and writing and drawing tools.