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Curriculum Department Structure Changes to Support All Students and Teachers

There are new faces and a new structure for our curriculum department. District 31 will utilize a teacher leader model to help support teachers. Our five new coordinators will help organize, integrate and lead their department as well as assist teachers in the implementation of quality programs of instruction for all students. The Coordinator will work directly with teachers in a school providing classroom based demonstrations, collaborative and one-on-one support, and facilitating teacher inquiry and related professional development. The Coordinator will focus on enhancing teachers’ ability to provide instruction that builds students’ sense of engagement in the ownership of learning. The Coordinator will also work with administrators and teachers to collect and analyze data, interpret, and use it to guide instructional decisions.  Coordinators will have offices at both schools to facilitate collaboration with staff at both buildings. They will also be collaborating with each other to ensure vertical and horizontal integration of programs throughout the district. If you would like to learn more about our upcoming structure, please view this presentation that was shared with District 31 staff this spring.


Please welcome our new coordinators and teacher leaders:

    • K-8 Math- Julie Stone is a familiar face in District 31.  She has been a Field math teacher for over a decade, but has been teaching math for longer than that!  She holds a Master’s Degree in Mathematics Education.
    • K-8 Science-Anne Zahn will be the new K-8 Science Coordinator.  Mrs. Zahn is currently the administrator of K-8 Science, STEM and Accelerated Programs in Waukegan Public Schools District 60. 
    • ELA/SS K-4-Leslie Redmond is the new K-4 ELA/SS coordinator. She is currently the Literacy Staff Developer/Literacy Coach at Roy Elementary School in Mannheim School District 83.
    • ELA/SS 5-8-Jacqueline Le-Mon has been a 7th grade ELA teacher and the accelerated 7th grade ELA teacher at Field for the last two years. She started her education career in Ohio.
    • English Language Learner K-8- Veronica Gott is another familiar face in District 31.  She has been serving as a bilingual and EL teacher at Winkelman School.  Most recently, in addition to her teaching roles, she served as the part-time Bilingual/EL Coordinator in District 31