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August 5 Construction Update

    • Field Construction Update: 
      • The Field interior has never looked better and is nearing completion.  Improvements include:
          • New student bathrooms
          • Painted classrooms
          • New flooring in some areas of the building
          • New paint, flooring, ceiling, lighting, and furniture in the Learning Center.  The new furniture is scheduled to be delivered soon!
          • New ceiling and lighting in the dining commons and hallways
          • New ceiling, flooring, paint, and furniture in the district office
      • Field Exterior
        • If you drive by Field, you can certainly see all the construction.  The student play area (“The Quad”) is nearly completed and just waiting for students to come play once school starts.  The asphalt has been laid for the new parent pick-up circle and bus circle, and the building itself is getting a facelift.  In addition, the fields are being leveled and reseeded. In order to allow an opportunity for the grass to grow, the Field soccer season will be at WInkelman.  Although there may be some finishing touches once school is in session, the Field exterior will be ready to welcome families back.


    • Winkelman Construction Update
      • Just like Field, the Winkelman interior has never looked better.  Every classroom and every hallway has received a facelift. Improvements include:
        • A new set of student and staff bathrooms
        • Classrooms painted
        • Flooring in grade level hallways and classrooms replaced
        • Drywall work on classrooms with moveable walls
        • Ceiling, paint and flooring in the Learning Center.  The new furniture was delivered last week and it looks amazing! We can’t wait to see students in this new learning space.
      • The improvements planned for the WInkelman site this summer has been a bit more challenging. A new playground and parking lot improvements were scheduled.  However, frustrating and unexpected permitting delays have held up the projects. As soon as we can move forward, the new playground will be installed in order to have it available for students as soon as possible.  We are working with the PTO to plan a celebration once the playground installation is complete. In the meantime, students will continue to safely use the existing playground, which has been maintained. A new timeline is also being developed for any parking lot improvements as we do not want to interfere with normal school functions.