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Message from the Superintendent - October 22, 2019

October 22, 2019

Dear District 31 Parents and Guardians,

 Over the last several weeks I had moved away from frequent transportation updates because it appeared that communication and on-time service had improved.  However, the last few days have demonstrated that the improvements were not long-lasting and once again our students and families have been plagued by poor communication and late buses from First Student.  In particular, it seems as if our activity buses are most impacted. When the Board of Education met with First Student at the September Board of Education meeting, standards for communication were laid out.  In addition, First Student hoped to have additional bus drivers recruited and trained by the end of October. Administration continues to monitor and respond, as well as calling First Student frequently with reminders about daily busing needs. We share your frustration and know that when buses carrying your children are significantly late and no communication is provided, it is anxiety producing and nerve-wracking. The administration and Board of Education will continue to do everything in our abilities to advocate for timely, safe and effective bus service for all of our students, as well as high levels of communication.


 Dr. Erin K. Murphy and the Administrative Team

Superintendent of Schools