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Message from the Superintendent - Nov 1, 2019

November 1, 2019


Dear District 31 Parents and Guardians,


Welcome to November!  It was certainly an interesting way to end October...trick-or-treating under the multi-colored trees covered in snow!  Thank you to all the parents who made Halloween day so memorable for our students. A few updates as we move into the new month.

  • On Wednesday, the Illinois State Board of Education released the 2018-2019 School Report Card.  The Illinois State Board of Education annually releases a report card that shows how each school, district, and the state is performing on a wide range of educational goals. The Illinois Report Card has two main components: the At-a-Glance Report that provides important information about each school or district in a one-page, printable format; and the online report card that delivers in-depth information with explanations of each indicator available.   District 31 is pleased to announce that both Field and Winkelman received the highest designation this school year of “Exemplary.”  This designation reflects the hard work and commitment of the Board of Education, administration, staff, and parents to ensure that District 31 schools continue on the road to excellence for all of our students. Both the interactive versions of the report card and the PDF At-A-Glance versions can be found here.
  • Earlier this week I sent out a survey about the 2020-2021 calendar. Every year District 31 forms a committee composed of administration, teachers, parents, and Board of Education members to help form the school calendar for the next school year.  An important focus in that committee meeting is the feedback from parents and staff. The goal is to create a school calendar that best meets the needs of all in our school community, as well as conforms to Illinois Board of Education calendar requirements.  Traditionally we have modeled the first week of school time frame and winter break and spring break dates after District 225 as we recognize that we have many families who have students in both districts. We thank you for taking the time to complete this brief survey.  We hope to have the school calendar approved at the November Board of Education meeting so we can get it out to you as soon as possible as we know families begin planning for the next school year early. As you take the survey, please be mindful that there are a required number of school days and each day off would extend the last day of school.  The calendar survey can be found here.
  • This Tuesday, November 5 at 7:00pm is the next PTO meeting.  It will be held at Field. All parents are welcome. I look forward to seeing you there as I highlight some of the happenings and news in District 31, including an update on our school report card and assessment results.  
  • The PTO Sons Sports Night is Friday, Nov. 8, 6-830pm. Enjoy this special night for sons and parents/caregivers with games, a live DJ, dinner, and raffle prizes. Pre-order tickets by Wednesday, Nov. 6—$25/couple ($30 at the door) and each additional student is $10. It’s a night not to be missed! Click here for the PTO newsletter for more information or if you are interested in volunteering.


This week the District 31 community experienced a loss. Akhila Lakkamsani, a District 31 alum, passed away after battling cancer.  Not only were Akhila and her siblings District 31 alumni, Akhila was also a member of the Field staff until last year serving as a teacher’s assistant while continuing her own education.  Akhila will be missed and I know you join me in sending support to her family. More information about services can be found here.


Have a great weekend.  And please remember, we set the time back one hour this weekend!



Dr. Erin K. Murphy

Superintendent of Schools