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Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten Round Up


Kindergarten enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year is now open to all residents who reside within the school boundaries of West Northfield School District 31.

If you have not registered for school yet, please call for a consultation and/or to schedule an appointment. You will be asked to schedule a time for our kindergarten screening at that time.

Kindergarten screenings will be held on August 10 and August 11 at Winkelman School, 1919 Landwehr Rd, Glenview.

We ask that parents:

  1. Please choose whether you’d like to have your child screened in person or virtually by August 5.
  2. Please bring only one adult and the child who will be screened for kindergarten to the screening.
  3. Take the self-check health screener prior to attending for both yourself and your child.  You may find the self-check screener questions here.
  4. If you or your child are experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms or have traveled outside of the State of Illinois, please notify the staff that you will not be in attendance.


We look forward to seeing you and your child on August 10 or August 11 for our kindergarten screening.


Ms. Wolverton

Winkelman Principal