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In-Person and Remote Learning Survey, Travel Quarantine List Reminder, and More

September 4, 2020

Dear District 31 Community,

There is so much to be appreciative of as we finish our second week of school.  I am so thankful for all of our teachers--both the remote and in person.  They are tackling new technologies, health and safety, and new platforms--and in some cases, teaching remotely and in person simultaneously.  All of our teachers, whether based in a physical classroom or an electronic classroom, are putting student welfare; social, emotional, and physical health; and engagement at the center of what they do.

I also celebrate our students.  They have shown us how resilient and adaptable they are - remote or in person- as they maneuver through school  in 2020-2021.  They are navigating so much as they tackle school and connecting with the adults and students around them.

Lastly, we celebrate the parents who are managing so much during this time. Whether you chose in person or remote, we know it was a difficult and personal decision for you and your family. We know that the partnership between home and school has never been so essential as it is now, whether you send your child to the physical school building or you are bringing the school into your living room.

Now that we have two weeks under our belt, we want to start getting feedback as we continually evolve by making improvements where needed and celebrating what is going well. Students and staff will also be participating in surveys during this time. Please complete the survey by September 18.

As we enter Labor Day weekend--the unofficial end to summer--we hope that everyone will get some much needed rest.  We also remind you to be mindful of maintaining social distancing and wearing masks during this weekend, which  has traditionally been a “social” weekend.  We want to continue to move forward with school and we need everyone to partner with us.  In addition, any individual traveling to a state on the Cook County Department of Public Health Travel Quarantine List must quarantine for 14 days before returning to in-person school.

Please remember that there is no school Monday in honor of Labor Day. Have a great weekend!


Dr. Erin K. Murphy
Superintendent of Schools