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Field Middle School Named a 2020 National Blue Ribbon School

Field Middle School Named a 2020 National Blue Ribbon School

Field Middle School has been named a 2020 National Blue Ribbon School by the United States Department of Education for our progress in closing achievement gaps among student subgroups. The National Blue Ribbon School honor is a widely recognized symbol of exemplary teaching and learning.

Over the last several years, District 31 has used many strategies to encourage and challenge students. A key strategy adopted by Field provided all staff members and administrators with training in the Rush Neurobehavioral Executive Functioning program, which provides a research-based foundation for building key executivefunctioning strategies and skills necessary for life-long success. The school purchases, distributes, and teaches students to use adopted materials, which include an innovative all-in-one binder/backpack/computer bag, specifically colored plastic folders that correspond to specific classes, a Chromebook, and a paper agenda. All students receive the same materials, and teachers utilize and reinforce these materials. Students who have graduated from District 31 have reported that they have adapted this system to their high school experiences. In addition, advisory classes specifically teach best practice strategies and skills for organizing, study, goal setting, and more. 

“As the school demographics continue to evolve, Field continues to focus on what we can do to push our school to become a national school of excellence,” said Field Principal Dr. April Miller. “Field supports our learning environment by continuously improving curriculum, instruction, technology, social and emotional supports, and opportunities for all students to learn and succeed at high levels.”

“The coveted National Blue Ribbon Schools award affirms the hard work of our educators, families, and community in creating a safe and welcoming school where our students can grow and learn,” said Superintendent Dr. Erin Murphy. 

Field is one of 367 schools across the nation to be recognized with the achievement. 

The 2020 National Blue Ribbon Schools Awards Ceremony will be held virtually

November 12 and 13. Photographs and brief descriptions of the 2020 National Blue Ribbon Schools are available at