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Celebrating Exceptional Children’s Week (ECW)

Celebrating Exceptional Children’s Week (ECW)
During the first week of May, District 31 is promoting awareness of exceptionalities in children and youth to celebrate Exceptional Children's Week (ECW). ECW is a time to celebrate diverse learners and remind all individuals about the importance of acceptance and understanding. The Kindness Club has joined the celebration by putting together a social media campaign that can be viewed throughout the week at
District 31 Student Services commits to recognizing each student as a unique learner and ensuring that differences are celebrated. Our goal is to ensure each student receives an education that is safe, effective, and highly engaging to assist all students in meeting their full potential; both academically as well as socially and emotionally. In addition, we welcome the opportunity to partner with staff members, parents, and the community to engage in a collaborative educational journey. 
For additional information or resources, please contact Dr. Janine Gruhn, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, at (847) 313-4411 or