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National Suicide Prevention Week

National Suicide Prevention Week:
Spread awareness to prevent teen suicide!
It is vital that we all learn the warning signs for depression and suicide and remember to ACT (Acknowledge, Care, Tell) if we are worried about a loved one. The best way to prevent suicide is to know what to look for and understand how to help someone who may be at-risk.

For Parents
It is important for you to know how to talk to your teen if they are exhibiting warning signs of depression or suicide.  For ideas on how to communicate with your teen as well as how to take action if they are suicidal, please visit our “Parent Resource Page.” 

For Teens
It is important for you to know and acknowledge the warning signs in your peers and in yourself. Learn more about using the ACT message to help yourself or a friend, and how to ask for help from a parent/guardian, school counselor or other trusted adult in your life.

National Suicide Prevention Month Suggested Activites

  • Coordinate a mental health awareness day – Work with your counseling center, health education teacher or another interested school professional to offer a resource fair during lunch time.
  • Organize a school poster campaign – Do you know the warning signs of suicide? Use your creativity to get your classmates involved with writing messages of encouragement to those who might be struggling with their mental wellness.
  • Organize a social media campaign – Everyone uses social media and you can use that to your advantage. Create an eye-catching and engaging campaign that involves your fellow students in conversations about mental health and suicide prevention.
  • Hold a fundraiser to donate to Elyssa’s Mission – What event will work at your school to raise both awareness of suicide prevention and raise funds to donate to Elyssa’s Mission?
  • Organize a school radio/newspaper advertisement – Write a brief advertisement for your school radio/newspaper that discusses the prevalence of mental illness in teens and encourage those who are struggling to reach out to a trusted adult
  • Design a t-shirt campaign – Are you creative and love design? Put your creativity to good use by designing a t-shirt that supports mental wellness and suicide prevention and advertise the t-shirt to your fellow students.

A common misconception is that talking about suicide may put the idea in someone’s head.  This is a myth, and in fact, the opposite is true: talking about suicide with your friends, family and co-workers can help break the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide. Here are some great resources from American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to help you start those conversations.
Asking Reduces Risk

Advice on Talking to Someone with Suicidal Thoughts

How to Talk to a Suicide Loss Survivor