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District 31 Free Meal Program Begins Monday, October 4

District 31 is excited to announce that we will again offer free breakfast and free lunch for all students for the 2021-2022 academic school year.  As we continue to recover from the effects from the pandemic, we hope that this free meal program – funded via federal COVID relief funds – will benefit many in the school community. The program will begin Monday, October 4 and run through the 2021-2022 school year.

The 2021-2022 free meal program is similar to last year’s program, but because this is a different federal program, there are some differences. 

  • Lunch is offered free of charge to all enrolled students on school service days only. Meals are not provided for weekends or breaks, or for other non-District 31 students in the home. This revised program will operate on-site only with no special pick up days. 
  • Breakfast is provided free for the following week on Fridays as students leave the building beginning October 8.
  • The meals served provide an array of fruits, vegetables, whole wheat grains, milk and protein. Well balanced meals are made fresh daily by Quest Food Management Services.  The program limits sodium, saturated fat and calories. 
  • All meals come with milk for free. However, if  you do not get a meal, then milk can be purchased for $0.50. The federal program prohibits the distribution of milk unless it accompanies a complete meal.
  • Current balances will be carried over for the next school year if they are not used and 8th graders balances will be transferred to Glenbrook North or Glenbrook South next year.

Field Only: For students wanting to purchase items in addition to a meal, ala carte items are available such as chips, beverages and second entrees.  

Learn more about the FDMealPlanner App and Mealtime, the online payment system, at