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West Northfield School District #31

Dear District #31 Community,

In the spring of 2015, District #31 concluded a community engagement process including the completion of a District-wide Systems Assessment and the development of a seven-year Strategic Plan involving over 150 District #31 stakeholders.  Much time was spent collaborating with and gathering input from Board of Education members, administrators, faculty, staff, parents, community members, students, and educational experts on District #31’s successes as well as challenges and opportunities for continued success.  The seven-year Strategic Plan addresses all opportunities for success identified through the Systems Assessment. It is a roadmap to our future that guides all aspects of our work.    The entire Strategic Plan can be accessed on our District website.  


The success of a school district is based on multiple facets including academic achievement, the learning environment, the work environment, school / community partnerships, and financial stability.  School districts that can successfully fulfill these five essentials of educational success are predicted to illustrate improvement in student outcomes. 

District #31 is focused on student growth - taking each child from where he / she is and helping him / her grow to his / her fullest potential.  All of our Strategic Plan goals, strategies, and action plans are designed for this purpose.  Each year, we work on increasing the percentage of students meeting expected gains in math and reading, decreasing the achievement gaps between subgroups of students in math and reading, and increasing the percentage of students at or above college readiness standards in math and reading.  More detailed information about our assessment program and its results can be found on the District #31 website, as we are committed to transparency around the successes and challenges we face with student academic achievement.

To view the Strategic Plan Progress Report:  Click Here

Dr. Alexandra Nicholson

Superintendent of Schools