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Executive Functioning at Field

We can hardly believe that school starts tomorrow morning.  We look forward to welcoming you at 8:30am.  For those parents who would like to linger, the PTC and the District plan to have a complimentary coffee cart outside as you send your students off to their first day of school. In the meantime, our next mini-message is about our Executive Functioning program.  

One of the focus areas at Field is helping kids become organized, manage materials, set goals, develop study skills, etc. In order to accomplish that goal our entire staff has been (new staff members will be trained in the fall) trained in teaching executive functioning skills to our students.  We will be utilizing a research based program and curriculum developed by the Rush NeuroBehavioral Center.  As a staff we have developed some building wide expectations for managing materials, as well as lesson expectations to be delivered in advisory designed to support the development of executive functioning skills.

Materials management is a huge component of our executive functioning program.  As a result, all students received an expandable file folder, labeled folders, and agendas.  These materials are used by all teachers and will help students learn best practices in managing materials.  We know that in order for students to be successful in managing materials, we must teach them how to use it and then be consistent building wide.  Thus, we are taking the time to help the students learn how to use these materials rather than just passing them out. Even if your child has strong executive functioning skills, we are asking all students to use this research based system.

While our seventh and eighth grade students are using materials similar to last year, our sixth grade students are piloting a new case that is an all-in one Chromebook/expandable file folder/pencil case/etc.  In addition, these cases function as both a cross body bag and backpack. If they prove as robust as hope, the plan would be to adopt them for the school.

This is our third year implementing this system building wide.  Our data is showing that this building wide approach and consistency is building skills in students that is helpful for school success.