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Elyssa's Mission/Social Emotional Screeners

Field Middle School takes its commitment to the emotional and social health of students very seriously. As a result, we are starting this school year with two important initiatives.

During Quarter 1 all students are being asked to participate in a brief, school-wide universal screening to better understand our students’ social, emotional, and behavioral functioning at school.  The universal screening system measures behavioral and emotional strengths and weaknesses in children and adolescents. These screeners are important because they help the school to better understand our student’s needs and learn about ways to help our students feel safe and supported in school.

Additionally, since suicide and depression have become a frequent topic in our media and local community, during Quarter 1 we will be meeting with your children by grade level to introduce and/or review some important information about these topics.  To help educate our students, Field has also partnered with Elyssa’s Mission. Elyssa's Mission is a foundation dedicated to educating, funding, distributing, and implementing the SOS Signs of Suicide® program, as well as other prevention programs that are evidence based and backed by mental health professionals.  Elyssa’s Mission takes a strength-based, public health approach to its work with a focus on providing support and resources to help with the painful challenges faced by today’s teenagers. For more information go to  

As a result of our partnership with Elyssa’s Mission, sixth grade students will participate in the SOS Signs of Suicide program run by our staff, who have been trained in the program.  During this time, students will listen to a presentation and have an opportunity to discuss issues related to depression and suicide. In addition, students will be given a screener and given an opportunity to discuss further with a staff member.  Students in 7th and 8th grade will be given the opportunity to review information learned previously. Any students new to District 31 will be exposed to the entire curriculum.

During registration you were given an opportunity to opt in or out of the social emotional screener and Elyssa's Mission.  If you chose to opt your child out of these programs, we will have them go to another location during this time. Your participation in the evaluation is voluntary. Your decision whether or not to allow your child to participate will not adversely affect your child. You are free to withdraw your child from participation at any time.

We feel that all students will benefit from these experiences.  We have run this program for several years and have found it to be very well received.   If you prefer your child not participate, please contact Erin Murphy ( and we will provide an alternative setting for your child. In addition, if you have questions about the program, school social worker Sandi Newman ( Please contact us with any questions or concerns.