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Extracurricular Activities

Middle school isn’t just about what goes on during the day.  It is also about getting involved. Field is proud to have a robust extra curricular program available for all students throughout the year.  Please note that there is no additional cost to participate in activities.

    • Musical:  Tryouts for Seussical, Jr.  began this week!  All students who tried out received a role.  Please click here for information,
    • Interscholastic Sports: Field has a whole complement of competitive sports.  This week tryouts began for co-ed soccer and girls volleyball. Please click here for more info.  You should have been receiving e-mails from our athletic director, Mr. Damon (
    • Student Council: All students are invited to be involved in student council, which meets before school every other week.  Students should listen to announcements and check email for details on specific meetings. Click here for more information.


  • Homework Hub: Students looking for a quiet place for some extra support are encouraged to get help on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays after school from 3:40 - 4:25pm.
  • Clubs:  Drop-in clubs will be held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday starting at 3:40pm and ending at 4:25pm.  We are still in the process of finalizing our clubs and activities for fall, information will be posted here as it is received. Students need not sign up for any of our clubs, which are offered on a drop in basis.


  • Students should check their email and listed for announcements about other ways to get involved at school


Students who participate in after school activities on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday are welcome to take the FREE late bus (operated by First Student) that is open to ALL students.  You need not be a morning/afternoon First Student rider with a bus pass to ride the late bus. The students will tell the bus driver where they live and they will be dropped off in that locale. The late bus departs from Field at 4:30pm.  Students who stay for clubs are expected to take the late bus, be picked up by 4:30pm, or walk/bike home by 4:30pm. If students are picked up late more than three times in a semester they will either be required to take the late bus or not permitted to attend activities.  Please click here for more expectations for clubs.


In addition, our teachers are committed to helping students achieve academically and we know that sometimes a student needs a little extra support in order to achieve everything they want to.  Often, we have noticed that math seems to be the area that students often request the most help with. In order to provide all the support students need, we have developed the following math-lab opportunities.


  • Before school, Mrs. Gandhi will be in the Learning Center from 8:05-8:25am
  • Every day during recess, students can pick up a pass from the Dining Commons and see a math teacher at Math Lab
  • After school, Homework Hub may also have math teachers available should any student need academic help