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Student Feedback, MAP Testing, Safety Protocols, and Important Dates

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our Tigers are getting better and better at following all of the new protocols to keep them safe!  We are so proud that our students show their Field Pride every school day. We are still working on a few areas where students can improve to maintain a safe environment. For parents and guardians of In Person students, please remind them that it is incredibly important that they stay to the right when walking down the hall. We have installed a line in the center of each main hall to remind students of spacing while walking in the halls. Also, please remind them that even when they are outside waiting for the bus, or to be picked up by a parent or guardian, they should maintain social distance. We appreciate your support and we understand how hard some of these new procedures are for our students because of their natural inclination to be closer to their friends. 

Student Feedback
e-School and In Person students were asked to complete an online survey to provide feedback on the start of the school year. At this time, 60% of In Person students and 40% of e-School students have completed the survey. If your student has not yet completed the survey, please ask them to complete it. The window for the survey ends on Friday, September 18. 

Fall MAP testing
All students will take the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) Reading and Math assessments on September 22 and 23. We will have proctors who will administer the test only to In Person students, and proctors who will administer the test only to e-School students. MAP testing is conducted in the fall, winter and spring. We will be sending a video to e-students to explain how MAP testing will work for them, and I will provide opportunities for students to meet with me (virtually) so I can answer any questions. Please click here for more information on remote testing.

  • e-School students will attend a google meet that will be proctored by a teacher at school 
  • In Person  testing will be the same as in the past except that in the past, we tested groups by Advisory. This year, since we do not have this class, students will be informed of where to report for testing.
  • Traditionally 8th grade students do not take the MAP test in the fall. We are including all 8th grade students this fall because we feel all students need to be benchmarked, especially since we were not able to conduct testing this past spring.  

Our current situation has created many challenges, and one of the most challenging has been trying to find ways for students to play at recess and maintain social distance. At this time, we are not allowed to provide four-square or basketballs, and students are not allowed to play Gaga. We are hopeful that state guidance will change soon. In the meantime, we are searching for ideas on how students can play at recess while maintaining social distance. During PE, students learned to play handless kickball, and we have trained all of our recess supervisors so students can play this game at recess. Also, students have access to the rules for 6 other different social distancing games that can be played at recess.


  • All Students: If your student is going to be absent for any reason or amount of time, please call the Field Office 847-313-4449 to report the absence. We take attendance for In Person and e-School students every period of the day. We are finding that some e-School students are not attending all of their classes and we want to be sure that parents and guardians are aware. 
  • In Person students attending e-School. In Person students who are absent for a short time should not assume that they can log on and attend e-School without notifying the office. We must be notified by a parent or guardian  of all absences. If an In Person student is absent, and they want to attend e-School, they can, but the office must be notified. Please note that In Person students who choose to attend e-School for an absence will not be able to attend PE. e-School is not designed for students with short absences, however, we do not want to discourage students from learning. 
  • e-School students who are late to first period may be marked absent. In this case, you may get a robo call from the school. If this happens, please call the school to confirm your student is in attendance  for the first period and we will update our records. 

Daily Wellness Screening 
Thank you for your assistance so we can provide a safe learning environment. The system is working very well because of your help!  We see less and less students needing to call home to have a parent or guardian complete the screening each day. Note for parents and guardians of In Person students: we run morning wellness screening reports at 8:10 each day and use these to check in students. Students who are not yet marked as pass are sent to the commons where we check a report that is run again at 8:30 each day. If you are able to enter your student’s wellness check before 8:10, students will be able to go directly to their first period without needing the office to re-check their screening.  

Important Dates:

  • September 25: No student attendance-Remote Learning Planning Day
  • September 28: No School- Recognition of Yom Kippur
  • October 1 Picture Day: Please note: all payments will be done online. Please click here for more information on how to order pictures. Please see this link for the e-School student picture day schedule. We are in the process of finalizing a date for retakes.
  • October 12: No School, Columbus Day
  • October 15 and 19: Fall parent/teacher conferences. More information to come.
  • October 19: No student attendance-Remote Learning Planning Day

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at, 847-313-4451; or Mr. Cooper at, 847-313-4448. Have a wonderful weekend!


Dr. April Miller, Principal

Mr. Justin Cooper, Assistant Principal

Field Middle School