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Winkelman Carline Procedures


Please follow these directions for the safe and most effective use of our carline system. Please always follow the directions of our staff and the Cook County Traffic Director guiding our traffic.

  • Car drop off and pickup is on the south side of the building. Please enter and exit at this location.  We have a Cook County Traffic Director helping to direct traffic here.
  • Please pull all the way up and allow students to enter/exit from the doors closest to the front of the building (western end of the south side of the building). NSSED Preschool can arrive using the eastern doors.
  • If you would like to park and get out of your car, please park in a legal parking space in our parking lot. Do not park in the Handicap (unless you have proper identification) or Traveling Staff, or other marked spots. If you choose this option in the morning or afternoon, you must exit your car and walk your child to the side door in the morning and walk to pick up your child in the afternoon. When picking up in the afternoon, please let an adult on duty know that you are leaving with your child.
  • If you have children that attend both our K­-5 school as well as the NSSED preschool program, in the morning please drop off your older children off first. Then please re-­enter the carpool line for the preschool drop off at the appropriate times. Afternoon preschool families should not enter do not enter the carline until 2:55 pm.
  • If your child arrives late or leaves early, you must come inside and sign her/him in or out. Please park and enter through our front doors.
  • Please send a note to school if your child is leaving early or going home in an alternate way.  The teacher will notify the office.
  • Hours
    • 7:50 am doors open for grades K­-5
    • 8:10 am all students must be in the building.  If you arrive after 8:10, please park and sign your child in through our front office.  Students must be accompanied by an adult.
    • 8:25 am morning and full day preschool arrives.  You may enter the carline starting at 8:20 am.
    • 10:55 am morning preschool dismisses.
    • 12:25 pm afternoon preschool arrives.  You may enter the carline at 12:20 pm.
    • 1:55 pm full day preschool dismisses.
    • 2:40 pm K-­5 dismisses.
    • 2:55 pm afternoon preschool dismisses.
    • 3:00 pm any remaining students will be brought back into the building.   If you are late and arrive after 3:00 pm, please park and come into our office.

Winkelman Carline Procedures (Korean)

Winkelman Carline Procedures (Spanish)

Winkelman Carline Procedures (Mongolian)