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ROAR, Kidz to Pros, Winter Gear and Water Bottles, Upcoming Events, and More

Dear Parents,

During the first week in November, our Winkelman staff relaunched our positive behavior support and intervention system.  The purpose of a behavior support system is to implement a comprehensive approach to behavior support.  This system should be positive, proactive and instructional.   For the past few weeks, students and staff have reviewed our R.O.A.R. behavior expectations using lessons designed to teach expected behaviors and videos created by our students to model expected behavior in common areas of our school and/or classrooms.  

The acronym R.O.A.R. stands for:

R=Respect for All
O=Ownership-Making safe choices for my actions
A=Achievement-Working hard to learn
R=Responsibility-Knowing what is expected of me and being committed to the Winkelman Wildcat Way

Today, our students will participate in our first all-school celebration in recognition of their awesome R.O.A.R. behavior.   Thank you to our amazing PTO for partnering with us to make this an amazing time for our students this afternoon.

Last week marked the end of the first trimester and report cards will be made available to parents on November 29th at 8:00a.m.  You may access report cards through your Skyward parent portal.   There will be no school on November 24-26th this week during our Thanksgiving break.

We hope that you have a peaceful and safe Thanksgiving holiday.

Ms. Wolverton

November 23          R.O.A.R. Rave Celebration
                             No After School Clubs today

November 24-26    No School-Thanksgiving Break 

November 29         Report Cards available 8:00 a.m.
                             Kids to Pro Structured Recess Games begin

We are excited to offer an opportunity for structured games during our recess time for all students beginning on November 29.  Kidz to Pros is a company that will come to Winkelman during our recess for each of our grade levels and offer students an opportunity to play structured recess games with trained staff members from Kids to Pros. They will introduce  structure and organization to our recess play time with a focus on inclusivity, communication, leadership and fun for all. They will join our Winkelman team three days per week for the remainder of the school year. We look forward to our partnership with Kidz to Pros and can’t wait to see the fun that our students will have during recess!

As we move closer to our winter season, please make sure that students are dressed for the weather as we will go outside on days where the weather is 15 degrees or above (which includes the windchill). Please send students with winter coats, hats, snow pants, boots and scarves when the weather calls for it. If you are in need of winter coats, etc. please contact either of our social workers ( or and they will be happy to assist you.  

One of the areas that our staff has focused heavily on during the past month is our bathroom expectation of being, “Quick, Quiet and Clean” while using the Winkelman bathrooms. We have had incidents where students are writing on the bathroom walls. Some comments written have been very hurtful in nature. Please take time to speak with your children about taking pride and ownership in our school. We want to provide a clean and safe environment for all students.  

Congratulations to all of our families that participated in the family reading challenge!

Happy birthday signs -  Post yard signs wishing your student a happy birthday from your school!  Available now for both Winkelman and Field.  For more information and to reserve your signs, visit